Women Storm Aba In Support Of Ikpeazu, Lampoon Anti-Governor Protesters

BREAKING!! Women Storm Aba in Support of Ikpeazu, Lampoon Anti-Govt Protesters (Happening Now) By Wisdom Nwedene Aba women, on Tuesday, stormed various streets in Abia State to show their support for Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. Igbere TV correspondent monitoring the development said the protesters carried placards with inscription such as, ‘Our Governor Is Working’. ‘Aba Women Support Ikpeazu’ ‘Aba North Support Ikpeazu’. The women also lampooned some women who had earlier stormed Aba protesting against the governor. The women described them as ‘detractors’and cautioned them against working for the interest of the state. Speaking with Igbere TV correspondent, one of the protesters, Ijeoma Obinna said Ikpeazu is working. “Our governor is working and should be allowed to continue his good works. I want to tell you that the women who protested in the morning were paid to do such”, she added. Igbere TV had reported that angry women numbering hundreds, on Tuesday, shutdown Aba over bad roads in Abia State. The women issued 90 days ultimatum to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu to fix the bad roads.  


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