Updated Policy – Cashgist


In order to satisfy all our cashgist users, we are changing few of our policies which will take effect from the 1st of September 2019

Below are few of the policies.

➡️Cashgist registration fee will increase from the normal N1000 to N1500 (Those that don’t make use of the N1000 opportunity now will have to pay N1500 starting from September)

➡️Cashgist payment will now be monthly, not bi-weekly (starting from September). Payment will be every 28th of the month. You might be wondering why we want to change this. I will be transparent in this side. The money we generate from ads are being paid to us monthly, this is what we share within users and make sure everybody have their own share of the revenue once you meet our requirements. This will enable us have enough funds to pay part if not a if the money generated by you.

➡️Increment in registration fee will also affect referral bonus. Referral bonus will now be N900

Signed by Admin✔️

That’s all, this is an open discussion, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can post it in the comment box below. Do quick as this thread will be closed in 24hrs


  1. Comment:my Q:doing another fresh registration for those who have paid 1000 or u will add 500 to the already paid 1000 before or have do you want to do this?

  2. Now that the registration fee is increased to 1500, don’t you guys think our activities earnings should be increase too? Like the reading of news and the comment

  3. what happen if what u earn by the end of the month is no up to what u should withdraw? will u lost ur earning or it will be added to the other month?

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