Sponsored post for 23rd May

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Breakdown On How To Earn On CASHGIST

 You Earn instant ₦500 immediately after registration.

 You earn ₦50 for daily login to your CASHGIST account.

 You earn ₦100 for Sharing sponsored post on facebook.

 You Earn N4 for Commenting on articles

 You earn N2 for reading news on the platform

 You earn ₦100 for submitting posts on the site.

And that’s not all

 You Earn instant ₦1,000 when you refer someone using your referral link ..( Not compulsory).

 Referring is 100% optional because CASHGIST pays you with or without referrals

 Our Cashout is daily for referral earners with a minimum of N3,000 with no transfer charges and every 28th for activities earnings with a minimum of N4000 points

Isn’t that wonderful?? You See, that’s why we are different from all the online business that you knew

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