Kim Kardashian Admits Photoshopping Daughter Chicago In Flintstone Family Photo

Kim Kardashian has denied editing her children’s images in photos but for the first time she’s admitting to photoshopping her youngest daughter and says she has a good reason. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star shared an adorable family photo of their Flintstone Halloween on Friday, showing Kim as Betty Rubble, daughter North as Wilma Flinstone, son Saint as Fred Flinstone, daughter Chicago as Pebbles and son Saint as Bamm-Bamm. Yes , that’s Kanye West in the Dino suit.

As soon as Kim’s snap went up, fans were quick to notice Chicago appeared to be photoshopped into the lower corner of the family photo. Pointing out the toddler’s airbrushed leg looked to be half erased as well as her wig, fans quickly slammed Kim over it. Had they took the time to read Kim’s caption, they would have read her respectable explanation.


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    if she denied it then is ok

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    admitting photoshopping is good

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    pretty family

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